40' Commercial Fishing Boat

GY Boat Design Ltd has delivered the design for the 40' commercial fishing boat. This boat's is designed and structurally engineered to the Australian NSCV Class 3B survey requirements. Built by lightweight composite materials she has been already shipped to Melbourne.

Main characteristics:

Lengthn(hull)                                            12.228 m

Beam (hull)                                                4.675 m

Waterline length                                        11.057 m

Waterline beam                                         4.333 m

Draft (DWL)                                               0.710 m

Displacement (DWL)                                 13732 Kgf

Cb                                                             0.394

Weigtht to immerse                                   1.0 cm 379.3 Kgf/cm

Engines                                                     2 x 6CXB-GT 509 hp @ 2700 rpm

Propulsion                                                 2x MGX-5065A

Fuel                                                          2800L

Fresh Water                                              600L







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