GY21.5 - 6.55m Amphibious Catamaran

The boat is designed for New Zealand company and is built in Auckland, New Zealand.

The retractable wheel system is patent pending.

The design brief was for family and fishing orientated amphibious catamaran. The boat is capable to go in and out of the water and can be driven on beaches or boat ramps.

The hulls incorporates three recessed compartments to house the landing retractable wheels and the hydraulic arms. This design solution is perhaps one of  the main point of difference and benefits when compared to some of the amphibious boats on the market, which typically have the wheels exposed out of the hull when in sea mode.

All wheels are independently driven by hydraulic motors.

Main Characteristics:

Length Overall:                        6.50m

Beam Max:                             2.30 m

Draught (mean)                       0.30 m 

Stowed Height                        2.33 m

Weight - dry boat:                  1150 kg                  

Engine:                outboard 90- 115 hp

Auxiliary  engine              Honda GX670

Fuel:                                        120L

Classification:  CE Category: B Offshore




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