7.0m Polyethylene Boat

An  internationally recognised boat manufacturer from Auckland asked for a design for 7.0m polyethylene boat to expand his fleet.

The design brief was for "dry" and seaworthy boat suitable for rough condition and fitted with twin outboards.

This boat is designed to be constructed by polyethylene using a patented "Gyro-Tech" process that forms double skinned hull.

All the mould parts are modelled in 3d and CNC cut.

The first boat of the series is under construction

Design Specifications

Length (hull)                                             6.945 m

Length (max)                                            7.00 m

Beam (hull)                                               2.34 m

Beam (max)                                              2.40 m

Waterline length                                        5.99 m

Waterline beam                                         1.84 m

Draft (Half load)                                        0.350 m

Displacement (Half load)                             2016 Kgf

Cb                                                          0.506

Weight to immerse 1.0 cm                          92.14 Kgf/cm

Engines - 2 x outboards                              2 x 90 hp

FUEL                                                       1 x200 L







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