GY700 C - 7.0m Polyethylene Boat (Cabin version)

This is a Cabin version of the GY700 CC

While the GY700 C -Centre Console design was still under development the MAC Boats requested the cabin version based on the same hull.

Design Specifications:

Length (hull)                                             7.00 m

Beam (hull)                                               2.34 m

Beam (max)                                              2.40 m

Waterline length                                        6.04 m

Waterline beam                                         1.86 m

Draft (Half load)                                        0.380 m

Displacement (Half load)                            2200 Kgf

Cb                                                         0.512

Weight to immerse 1.0 cm                          92.24 Kgf/cm

Engines - 2 x outboards                             2 x 90 hp

FUEL                                                        1 x200 L







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