GY26 - 7.95m Family Boat

This is the 7.95m trailable family day boat.

The boat design aims to give something a little bit classy and traditional wile still delivering sporty and timelessly elegant looking boat

The boat can be build in the back yard or by professionals using the recognised as traditional these days techniques such as cold-moulding, or glassed marine ply on frame construction. Another option of course can be a composite structure in female moulds using E-glass and carbon fibre in a sandwich and resin infusion technique.

The boat feature a full length double "V" berth in the fore cabin, fully enclosed head room on port and storage space (wardrobe) on starboard both allocated under the helmsman and the front passenger dash boards. The front cabin is accessible by companion way; the centre part of the windshield is hinged and there is a sliding door and deck hatch in the middle.

In the centre cockpit there are two double coaches. This area can be easy turned to lunch patio by adding a small removable table in the middle. Next to the coaches are the galley cabinet with cooker and sink on star board and frizzier or chilly box on port side.

The aft part of the cockpit is fairly open and clear, which could dedicate this part of the boat to who is keen on fishing.

The hard top can be fix, or removable for reducing the drag during the road transportation, or for less stowed height if require for storage. To make the cockpit enclosed clears can be fitted between the windshield and the hard top.

The boat, including its cockpit floor height, down flooding height and angles, cockpit drainage and stability requirements, is designed to comply with European RCD requirements as appropriate and can be classified for CE approval category B.

Some of the other features included in this project are bow thruster, electrical windlass, electrical deck shower, removable ski pole and swim ladder:

Main Characteristics:

Length Overall:                                                           7.95 m

Moulded Length:                                                         7.49 m

Length (Waterline):                                                     7.23 m

Beam Max:                                                                 2.50 m

Draught (Engine up)                                                     0.50 m

Displacement (Approximately):                                     2700 kg

Engine:                                                outboard 150 - 250 hp

Fuel:                                                                    150 Litres

Fresh Water:                                                           50 Litres




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