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8.5m Amphibious Boat by GY Boat Design

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24 April 2012

amphibious_boatGY Boat Design ltd is a New Zealand company based in Auckland, specializing in design of small craft.

For the last 4-5 years the principal designer Georgi Yankov has been involved in the design and build of 15 super yacht tenders for various super yachts around the world including: Larry Ellison’s Rising Sun, Roman Abramovich's Eclipse and Luna, Titan, Ecstasea, Pacific, Superyacht A, Vava II, Quinta Essentia, etc.

In March this year another superyacht tender coming out from the studio has been launched.

The design brief for this highly personalised 8.5m tender was for amphibious boat capable to reach a speed of 35 knots on water and 10 km/h onshore.

The client has chosen and brought the style of classic sport cars.

The tender can accommodate up to 6 passengers including the driver.

GY Boat Design took the responsibilities for the naval architecture and the performance of the boat, for the design and engineering of the wheels retractable systems and drives, engineering the hull structure and the design of all systems and mechanisms on board

All lifting arms and wheel components were engineered and build by solid carbon epoxy laminate.

The hull and deck are carbon/epoxy composite built from female CNC moulds.

The hull bottom incorporates three recessed compartments to house the landing wheels and hydraulic arms. The compartments are closed off with hinged flaps. In sea mode they are flooded when the boat is at rest and venturi dry when she is under way.

There is a three stage carbon telescopic wheelchair boarding ramp which slides out from the aft face of the boarding platform with maximum reach of 5.3 m. The ramp is rated to carry 300kg, has width of 800mm and maximum gradient of 15 degrees. Removable single rope with four S/S stanchions handrail can be manually installed when the ramp is fully extended.

Foredeck recessed to port and starboard incorporates high and low beam headlights. Headlights are protected by watertight flush perspex covers.

The transoms face above the stern platform incorporate a recess for taillights and also the air out grills for ventilating the machinery spaces. Transom hinged door closes the cockpit.

Some of the other features included in this project:
-         Side windows utilize car components for the opening and closing mechanism.
-         Front opening 12 volt fridge and a small sink at the top below a hinged lid.
-         Marine audio entertainment system with subwoofer and four water proof flush mounted speakers.
-         Bow thruster and trim control.
-         Deck shower, removable ski pole and carbon fibre swim ladder.

The boat is designed and classified to CE, category B – offshore.

All tests on water and land, her performance, speed and stability were witnessed and signed off by the owner’s representative and the CE administration.

She is delivered now to her owner.

Like the previously designed and built 7.5m limousine tender for super yacht Quinta Essentia, the 8.5m amphibious boat is expecting to be exhibited on Monaco boat show later this year.

Main Characteristics:
-         Length Overall:                                               8.50 m
-         Length (Waterline):                                         7.20 m
-         Beam Max:                                                     3.16 m
-         Draught (mean)                                              0.50 m
-         Displacement (half load):                                  4700 kg
-         Main Engine:                                                  Volvo D6-370hp @ 3500 rpm
-         Drive                                                            Volvo DPH Duoprop
-         “Land” Engine (air-cooled)                                Kohler KDW 2204T
-         Fuel                                                              250 Litres
-         Fresh Water                                                   100 Litres
-         Construction:                                                 Carbon composite / epoxy resin
-         Speed on water (half load)                               36 knots
-         Range                                                           200nm @ 28 knots
-         Speed onshore                                               10km/h
-         Classification                                                 CE Category: B Offshore

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