GY21 Amphibious Catamaran

Yet another amphibious boat designed for a keen New Zealand diver.

The 6.52m Catamaran,  is designed to be built from marine grade aluminum alloy.

As a day diving boat and taking a lots of gear on board the design brief was for a large cockpit (3.36m length X 2.145m wide).

The cockpit floor is fully welded and provides watertight compartments in both hulls. Its level is above the water surface which makes the cockpit self-draining (thru 2 large transom mounted spring loaded scuppers).

There are also 2 watertight bulkheads in each hull.

This amphibious catamaran is capable to be driven on tidal and soft sand.

Main Characteristics:

Length:                              6.52m

Beam:                               2.50 m

Draught (engine up)             0.33 m 

Weight-dry boat:                1600kg                  

Engine:           outboard 225-250 hp

Fuel:                                    120L












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