Smartwave 530GY Euro

The design of  the new Smartwave 530 GY Euro was developed after Galloway International from Auckland requested another design to extend their fleet

The boat is designed to be constructed by polyethylene using a patented "Gyro-Tech" process that forms structure frames locked in double skinned hull.

 She is currently under construction in Auckland

Design Specifications

Moulded Length (including the swim platforms) 5.30m

Maximum Length 5.607m

Waterline Length 4.708m

Moulded Beam (hull) 2.261m

Maximum Beam 2.285m

Waterline Beam 2.148m

Draft (Half load) 0.300 m

Displacement (half load) 1300 Kgf

Waterplane Area 7.510m2

Hull form coefficient Cb 0.423

Weight to immerse 77.0 kgf/cm

Outboard Engines 1x115HP (20" shaft)

Fuel 100L





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